Brain Balancing

BodyTalk’s Brain Balancing (Cortices) technique is the most effective self-care tool that I’ve learned in 40 years of practice is.  It is the hub of the BodyTalk System.

This brain balancing technique facilitates a whole brain approach to life, including:

    • enhanced stress management
    • increased relaxation and well being
    • improved brain function & mental clarity

Using the technique on a daily basis develops new habits, which promotes sustained stress management, relaxation and mental clarity.

Habits are often established with 28 days of repetition.  Using the technique for 3-5 months will help to “rewire” the amygdalia and reset your stress threshold.

Learning the Brain Balancing Technique

Click on the links below to view video and written instructions for the BodyTalk brain balancing (e.g. cortices) technique.

BodyTalk Brain Balancing (Cortices) Technique – Self Application Video

BodyTalk Brain Balancing Technique – Procedure

Practice using the brain balancing technique on yourself at least once daily, optimally twice or more.  You will begin to experience more benefits as you memorize the technique and start to establish new habits.  You can not use it too often. 

Further Exploration:  for those who are interested

As you gain skill, you may also use the brain balancing technique on others as illustrated in this video:

BodyTalk Brain Balancing (Cortices) Technique – Partner Application Video

And you may learn about why BodyTalk techniques include tapping over the head, heart and gut by reading this article:

Integrating the Head, Heart, and Gut

You may also journal about your brain balancing experiences to further explore your stress patterns, such as:

    • date/day of the week
    • time/activity (e.g. morning, lunch, bedtime)
    • comments (e.g. what did you feel, learnings, insights, recognized shifts, etc.)

Learning to observe your stress patterns, and to facilitate stress management, can help you to fully embrace all that life offers.

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