Holistic Nursing

Holistic Nurses are traditionally trained nurses who embrace the integration of body, mind, and spirit as well as how the environment, relationships, and social/cultural factors influence your health.  By integrating holistic healing methods with traditional practice, Holistic Nurses promote biological, psychological, and spiritual health.

Holistic Nurses bring a depth of Nursing Science to their Holistic Healing practice.  Nursing’s traditional healthcare training prepares Holistic Nurses to work collaboratively with clients across the full spectrum of life, including:  birth to death; celebration to heart shattering grief; ambiguity to insightful clarity; and fulfilling health to disease.

Specifically, all Holistic Nursing practice incorporates active listening and holding space:

  • Active listening offers an opportunity for you to verbalize your thoughts, feelings, and goals. Varied communication skills, and intuition promote your ability to clarify priorities, release over reactive emotions, and explore options.
  • Holding space is a compassionate outreach that offers an open hearted “presence,” by walking alongside you while you learn to navigate a challenge. It is a dynamic process, which balances creating the emotional safety necessary for you to discover your inner wisdom with discernment about when to offer specialized knowledge.

In addition, many Holistic Nurses develop specialized skills for intentionally facilitating integration of body, mind and spirit through the use of holistic healing techniques.  This breadth of knowledge equips Holistic Nurses to offer flexible options for promoting health.

Benefits of working with a Holistic Nurse include:

  • developing new insights
  • discerning your priorities
  • learning tools for self care
  • selecting specific healing methods targeted for your priorities

Links for Further Consideration:

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