Philosophy of Healing

Empowering wholeness and balance through life’s journeys…

Each day presents a new opportunity to expand your potential for embracing all that life offers. Holistic Nursing provides a bridge between the often separated practices of Traditional Healthcare and Holistic Healing, including an opportunity to explore varied methods designed to integrate health at a Body, Mind, and Spirit level.

Each session is individually tailored to your unique priorities. The process is collaborative. My role is simply to facilitate your potential.

Life is messy. So I invite you to play in the mud …

Education and Training

Christine Jacobson Graeter RN MSN PhD entered the profession of hands-on healing 40 years ago as a nursing student.  In 1982, Christi transitioned into Advanced Practice Nursing when she graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an MSN specializing in Occupational Health Nursing and a minor in Nursing Administration.  The next 35 years were spent practicing in a variety of Occupational Health Nursing roles including: providing scientific consultation to a law firm; developing a hospital based Occupational Health Department and later providing clinical care; teaching interdisciplinary graduate students; and consultation to varied corporations, including Procter and Gamble.  This career development was supported by doctoral training in Epidemiology in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine, Department of Environmental Health.

An expansion into Holistic Healing was prompted by Christi’s personal healing journey.  In 2010, Christi’s psychologist encouraged her to explore Holistic Healing modalities when they met the limits of what traditional healthcare offered for Christi’s PTSD recovery.  Christi utilized her academic skills to explore Complementary and Alternative (CAM) approaches and discovered BodyTalk™.  The efficiency and depth of recovery facilitated by the BodyTalk™ system was so amazing that Christi decided to change career directions and focus her professional development on a variety of Holistic Healing modalities.

Christi is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) and has taken more than 70 BodyTalk courses.  BodyTalk™ training completed by Christi is summarized on the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) website at:  Christine Graeter’s BodyTalk Bio. Training in additional healing modalities includes:  Holistic Nursing, Reiki, Energy Psychology, Neuroscience, Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Transformation and the HealthRHYTHMS drumming protocol.

Personal Journey

I was once affectionately nicknamed “The Skeptical Scientist” by BodyTalk’s founder John Veltheim. I used to worship the “god” of Science and work within the constraints of traditional healthcare… until my own healing journey met the limits of this approach.  Out of desperation, I stretched beyond my comfort zone and explored the mystery of Holistic Healing.  What I discovered were “miracles” that often defied my current understanding of scientific paradigms.   I learned to trust my intuition and walk in faith.  I developed new tools and set out on an expanded journey.

I am still a scientist and always will be.  Science remains my passion and I use all 3 of my science degrees to explore research on a daily basis.  But this approach is no longer the limit of my professional toolbox.

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